Barracuda, Ctd

A reader writes:

Your reader asked "Where does this come from? Where does the idea that higher education -- or ANY education -- equate to left wing liberal elitism?"

Any student between the ages of 14-18 can answer that easily. It comes from high school.

Sarah Palin is the quintessential high school mean girl. She is The Libby writ large. She'll mock and deride anyone who gets satisfaction from intellectual pursuit as a nerd, dweeb, loser, etc due to her own insecurities (though she's in complete denial about having them). She'll always be attracted to the superficial macho posturing of the football / GOP set. Her primary obsession is popularity and she will flaunt any and all of her assets to achieve it. She knows somewhere in her psyche that when her looks go, she will be consigned to the rubbish heap while younger women take her place, so she is damned if she isn't gonna get hers while the getting is good.

And she thinks teachers like the constituent in today's video are jealous know-nothings who just want to hold her back. Is it any wonder she rolls her eyes like a 16 year old? She still is one.

Another writes:

From what I saw today, Sarah Palin can't handle one woman with one uncontroversial sign (in her own state!) without making a complete fool of herself and you think she can somehow manage to run a smooth GOP nomination campaigns for months and win? I think we should worry more about a war with New Zealand than a Sarah Palin nomination, let alone a presidency.


I find the video shocking because of Bristol's behavior. "You're just jealous!", "She represents the United States!" These kids were raised by wolves. The smug sense of superiority and entitlement, based on nothing, affected me like a slap in the face.