A Poem For Saturday


by Zoe Pollock

Today's poem is a late summer romp by Galway Kinnell called "Everyone Was In Love." An excerpt below, but do click through since the ending is one of the best parts:

One day, when they were little, Maud and Fergus
appeared in the doorway, naked and mirthful,
with a dozen long garter snakes draped over
each of them like brand-new clothes.
Snake tails dangled down their backs,
and snake foreparts in various lengths
fell over their fronts, heads raised
and swaying, alert as cobras. They writhed their dry skins
upon each other, as snakes like doing
in lovemaking, with the added novelty
of caressing soft, smooth, moist human skin.

(Photo from Flickr user Shreyans Bhansali)