"They All Pay"

by Zoe Pollock

The new Atlantic features a fascinating profile of a true Hollywood news type, complete with whitened teeth, network payoffs, and a vanity license plate reading "MOVIE TV." Sheelah Kolhatkar reports:

There is no single term that fully captures what [Larry] Garrison does for a living, although it involves a lot of time spent cajoling people over the phone. He’s sometimes called a fixer, a story broker, orhis preferencean independent television producer and consultant, but all the titles mean the same thing: Garrison gets paid to bring tabloid stories to TV news programs. Missing toddlers, murdered coeds, septuplets, serial killersan endless parade of freaks and victims is marched through the studio sets of Dateline NBC, 20/20, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and countless other shows, all to satisfy viewers’ seemingly insatiable appetite for real-life tears and melodrama.