"The Explosions Will Not Happen For 10 or 15 or 20 Years"

A truly unhinged Congressman Gohmert touts his "terror babies" canard to Anderson. There are few better examples of the politics of fear than the ranting of Gohmert. His "argument" is that because the 14th Amendment could possibly prompt Jihadists to give birth to "terror babies" who would grow up as Americans and then commit terror, we should accept it as established fact and reverse a core part of the Constitution to prevent it. You tear up the Constitution to protect us from a threat that exists only in the paranoid mind of the far right. And by the way, Gohmert also says something about Republican amnesia. He says that dismissing this threat as bogus is equivalent to the FBI and CIA dismissing the 9/11 plot as inconceivable before it happened. But we know for a fact that president George W. Bush was told a month in advance of the coming threat. These people remember nothing, know nothing and fear everything: