"I'm Sorry" Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

Dan Savage called bullshit on the penitent proselytizer last month. His bottom line:

When evangelicals are ready to admit that the bible got homosexuality wrongjust like it got slavery and shellfish and figs and masturbation and burnt offerings wrongthen we can talk.

A Slog reader wrote:

I interviewed Marin a few years ago and in my research prior to the interview found he often dramatically changed his message depending on his audience. To the gay crowd he'd be much more nuanced but when he spoke on Christian radio, etc., he was quite explicit that gays could/should change. I approached him in the interview as a Christian (I grew up in that community and know the language) and he didn't hide the fact that he thought homosexuality was a sin. I think I still have the mp3s of radio interviews w/him I collected prior to the interview. I really hoped he was different as well. I was wrong.

Starting with the fact that Marin named his foundation after himself, he does appear to be a shameless self-promoter (though he's certainly not the only one profiting off the struggle). Still, his approach is a hell of a lot better than protesting outside gay couples' houses or screaming "God hates fags" in people's faces. Perhaps his greatest influence on the culture wars will be a lowering of the temperature rather than anything he does directly, since "homosexuality is a sin" is a pretty intractable and pointless position.