Young Guns (go for it)

by Dave Weigel

This is really just trivia, but if no one else has pointed it out -- is it unusual for three members of the House Republican leadership to write a book inspired by, and using the same photo as, a 2007 Weekly Standard cover package? I assume somebody (hopefully Justin Raimondo) could make an amusingly tortured case about what this reveals about the Power of NeoCons; I choose to think that the Standard simply nailed it. Its 2007 pieces still sound right today. Fred Barnes on Eric Cantor:

"We do a very poor job of selling our ideas," Cantor told me. "We've got to get better at connecting our solutions to the problems people face." Worse, many of their ideas are stale. "There's a tendency for those inside the Beltway to look at the established sources of ideas," chiefly the Washington think tanks, he argues. "I want to talk to people in the real world."

And so he did, after a fashion, although his big outreach project was shuttered in its infancy.