Why Does Trig Matter? Ctd

The first weekend of the contretemps, I emailed a top DC journalist to ask him what he thought about the story. His fundamental response - and one echoed in many Washington circles - was that it might well be true but he wondered "how this gets into the MSM."

Well, it is beginning to seep into the MSM, as with this story from The Week. The comments section seems evenly divided and are worth reading. Palingates has more on the slowly creaking dam of cognitive dissonance:

Our friend Phil Munger on Progressive Alaska published a babygate-related post on June 29 about the "Courage of Shannyn Moore", and our friend Ennealogic examined the thoughts of Phil Munger in her post "Critical Mass - Reaching for it" on her blog "Hypocrites and Heffalump Traps" on July 1. Even a surgeon in Ohio was brave enough to write about the babygate topic on his blog on June 30 and received lots of comments.

You know the MSM is more interested in preserving their reputations on the far right than in seeking the truth. So it's up to the blogs of regular people to keep these people accountable. All anyone is asking for is documentation and we can all move on. All I have ever asked for is for Palin to prove I am a fool for even asking.