Top Secret America, Ctd

Michael Roston wants to know why the WaPo isn't making more money off the series:

Maybe the Washington Post wants to preserve some modicum of purity in its Pulitzer Prize-grade coverage of duplication and mismanagement in the intelligence community. If that’s why the ‘immersive reading experience’ is ad-free, it’s reminiscent of the ‘news under glass in a museum‘ approach that I’ve criticized before. If you spend all this time and effort preparing a big story that isn’t controlled by the vagaries of the meme-chasing internet news cycle, and even come up with an innovative way to deliver it, you should also find a way to pay for it. If shows prepared in the public interest for PBS can have underwriters, surely the Post could have selected a suitable, conflict-of-interest-free advertiser for the scores of repeat visitors reading this story yesterday, today, tomorrow, and in the weeks ahead.