The Weekly Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew lauded Obama's historic efforts, recommended a new book on neoconservatives, and kept defending himself against smears. The blogosphere reacted to new GDP numbers. Allahpundit assessed the unsettling Time cover on Afghanistan, Ackerman relayed some surprising polling on drones, and Greenwald chided war supporters over Wikileaks. A distressing dispatch from Afghanistan here.

In Palin coverage, she found an ally in the ADL (commentary here), David Vitter ran with death panels, and Ruth Graham reviewed her upcoming biography. Wasilla gossip here. Pareene checked in on Huckabee and his new show. Insane Malkin award here.

Rauch analyzed the libertarian leaning of Independents and Posner knocked the WaPo series. More discussion of energy innovation here and here. Readers sized up the immigration unrest. Mel Gibson gossip here and here. Creepy ad here and a charming pro-pot cartoon here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.


Massa Martana, Italy, 12 pm

Thursday on the Dish, Congress encouraged war against Iran, the GOP continued to flail on fiscal issues, Cameron took on Pakistan, a reader explained the real reason behind his support for Turkey, and the Israeli army knocked down a Bedouin village. The oil spill didn't appear as bad as once thought.

Andrew sized up the midterm elections and tore into a WSJ op-ed on the fiscal crisis. Ambinder looked to November, Friedersdorf fingered the practical perils of partisanship, Josh Green backed Elizabeth Warren, Michael Singh cheered up Green Movement supporters, and Exum had some final thoughts on Wikileaks' latest.

Basil Marceaux campaign coverage here and here. Malkin award here. NOM watch here and here. "Death panels" had legs. Palin didn't appear to have them in New Hampshire. A Trig link here.

Remaining mosque talk here and here. Another big installment of the energy innovation debate here. More on the affirmative action debate here and here. Andrew Hacker tackled tenure, Nate Silver pwned Mark Penn, and Balko finished off his debate on gambling.

The Dish eulogized cartoonist John Callahan. Circumcision comic superhero here. More Who-mania here and here. Startling celebrity sex quote here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.

Wednesday on the Dish, Andrew followed up on his neoconservative pitch for Palestine, went toe-to-toe with Frum over Turkey, dropped his jaw at Bush's profligacy abroad, sounded off on energy reform, added to a discussion on government inertia, and defended his provocative record. A new paper appeared to prove that the administration prevented a depression. Oil spill update here.

More coverage of the crusade against mosques here, here, and here. Neocon spluttering over Turkey here and here. Yglesias awards here and Hewitt here. Ambinder wasn't convinced of Palin's impact in New Hampshire and Democrats prayed for her nomination (a related post here). Chuck Todd blasted Journo-list and Reihan clarified his take. O'Reilly appeared more pro-gay than Obama. Wyclef Jean contemplated a presidential run. California cannabis update here.

Readers gushed over Doctor Who, others carried on the conversation over affirmative action, and another gave advice to the unemployed. Email of the day here and runner-up here.

Andrew outed the Vatican and took the gay-pope bait. Christianism alert here and Christian hathos here. Colbert bait here, Stewart goatee here, and beardicide here. Foodie porn here and a nod to Futurama here.  MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. A great follow up to the window contest here.


By Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

Tuesday on the Dish, Cameron had stern words for Israel, Bagehot found him tone deaf, Larison joined the debate over the country's usefulness for the US, and Roger Cohen reminded us about the American who was killed on the flotilla. Optimistic Iran update here. And things looked up for Obama.

More Wikileaks coverage here, here, and here. Gingrich got scarier. Christianism alert here. Elizabeth Warren commentary here and here. Andrew called out the neocons over a Palestinian state, took a hard look at the US budget crisis, and qualified his criticism of Journo-list. Mickey Kaus got in a good punch against the list-serv and Jonathan Strong gave due credit to Ezra.

In Palin coverage, Mudflats searched for her accomplishments for Alaska since leaving office, Nyhan compared her favorables to Clinton's, and a reader noted her self-promotion over Track's service. Her endorsement of a New Hampshire Grizzly backfired and she hit the campaign trail with Christ. Trig clarification here.

In assorted commentary, Leonhardt engaged Douthat over energy innovation, Bernstein eulogized cap and trade, Ryan Avent and Greg Mankiw were skeptical about the stimulus, and Chait loved to hate on the Weekly Standard. Readers continued to chat about affirmative action, another shared her recession view, and another dissented over characterizing soldiers sent to war.

Joe the Plumber sighting here, browser porn here, and another dose of slow lighting here. A special MHB here, a timeless VFYW here, and a surreal FOTD here. This week's window contest was another good one.

Monday on the Dish we rounded up reaction to the latest Wikileaks leak. Andrew's take here. He also ripped into Journo-list for its Trig talk (a reader poured salt), wrung his hands over epistemic closure, and continued to confront anti-Semitic smears.

ABC finally released the full transcripts of her 2008 interviews. More Palin coverage here and here. The backlash against Lindsey Graham got scary. "Torture" watch here and here.

Creepy ad here. Slow lightning here, unoriginal lyrics here, ugly animals here, guy stuff here, and the definitive case against monogamy here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.

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