The View From Your Window Contest, Ctd

A reader writes:

Most of the time when I read blog comments I am disheartened by the sheer level of stupidity in the world. However, when I read the comments on your blog (edited, but still), I am reassured by the knowledge that there are thoughtful, intelligent readers out there. This contest alone proves that.

I'm constantly staggered by the sheer quality of writing and global knowledge of Dish readers. Another writes:

For the sake of truthfulness, your reader did NOT have a picture of the window from which the photo of the fountain was taken.

He or she has a picture of the building on the right, as evidenced by the two cars parked on the spots Lausanne_Cité behind the fountain, and the 1728 just visible on the lower right. The original picture was taken by my brother Grégoire, just a few days after you posted the window view of my backyard in Los Angeles last year. He was a bit crushed that his didn't make the cut then. He's now very proud!

He has since moved to another part of Lausanne with his wife and their adorable one year old, and they enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva and the French Alps! This week, they're vacationing in Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland - without internet access, voluntarily - and I've been texting them updates on the contest!

Here's a shot of the building it was taken from (Rue Cité-Devant #12), with the gorgeous cathedral in the background. The fountain and plaza are between the two buildings on the right (you can recognize the stone pattern on the building which is sticking out).

Phew! Glad that's clarified. Now back to more important world issues.