The View From Your Recession

A reader writes:

It dawns on me that my unemployment/underemployment situation very much represents the current state of things and very much represents a lot U.S. policy sins coming home to roost, and depressing job growth.

First I lost my operations management job at a company that was losing clients and had to pare down to a bare bones staff to stay alive. I understand they're now hiring up again; however, they're how hiring mostly undocumented workers, so they can pay lowest wages, avoid taxes, and not give benefits. They're saying they "have to" just to survive.

Where I'm currently working as a desktop publisher, a company where I used to be a manager, I'm getting paid only a fraction of what I was, have no benefits and am called a "contractor" though even by state law here in Georgia, I'm obviously not. Once again, because the company doesn't want to pay benefits and taxes.

The ultimate irony here is that I actually report to a manager based in India, that now has the management job I used to have.