The Tablet's Smears

Ken Richard Silverstein notes who helps fund a magazine that baselessly calls critics of Israel's policies "Jew-baiters." No big surprise. He makes a good point here on tarring bloggers with the views of some commenters:

Smith, of course, neglects the fact that the Talkbacks of the Israeli online news media are among the most vicious, disgusting, racist and genocidal I’ve ever come across. Does this mean that we should accuse Haaretz, Ynet and Maariv of favoring the views of their readers? If so, where does it end? Should we bring Amos Schocken, Amnon Denker and all the editors of these publications up on charges of racism and incitement?

This suggests there was some shred of argument in the piece. There wasn't. It was just low rent Wieseltierism.