The Settlements Are Subsidized By You And Me

Yes, you and I and anyone who pays taxes in the US are funding far-right Jewish settlers and loony Christianist evangelicals in their bid to make Judea And Samaria and all of Jerusalem a permanent part of Greater Israel. This is not news, of course. The far right crazies, such as John Hagee, are lionized by Netanyahu's government. The Tablet notes:

The Times isn’t breaking this story; if anything, the news is that this dynamic has long been an open secret. “It drove us crazy,” former U.S. Ambassador Daniel C. Kurtzer says. “It was a thing you didn’t talk about in polite company.”

"Polite company?" What's that a euphemism for? What Kurtzer presumably means is that any airing of this absurd policy will lead to a massive counter-attack by AIPAC and the pro-Israel lobby in the media and Congress.

But isn't it nuts that one arm of the US government is subsidizing a policy that another arm is trying to freeze? There is a legislative fix, of course: pass a law that makes it illegal to claim any tax deductions for financing the further colonization of the occupied territories. By all means, carry on supporting projects in Israel proper. But not on the West Bank.

And yes, that sound you hear is of a kind of tragic laughter. The idea that the US congress would ever do anything to restrain settlements on the West Bank is hilarious.