The DNC On Steele

Brain-dead and Rovian. Greenwald:

As The Washington Post's Greg Sargent writes, and I couldn't agree more:  "this is Karl Rove's playbook.  I don't care how often Republicans do it -- this blog is not on board with this kind of thing from either party."  Indeed, at The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol revealingly echoed the DNC, demanding that Steele resign for his "affront" to the soliders.  Ironically, there was just a vote on war funding last night in the House, and numerous Democrats -- 93 of them on a mild anti-war measure and 22 on a stronger one -- voted to end the war in Afghanistan, many arguing exactly what Steele just said about the futility of the war.  Do the DNC's Rovian insults mean that these anti-war Democrats are also guilty of wanting to "walk away from the fight against Al Qaeda," "undermin[ing] the morale of our troops," and "betting against our troops and rooting for failure in Afghanistan"?