The Deeper Dish

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

I was cleaning a couch today when I extracted A View From Your Window from between the cushions. Photography isn't my taste, but I purchased it (pre-ordered, actually, at the non-discount price) in the hope that you would commission "It's So Personal," "Cannabis Closet," or other collections of reader essays.

Has there been any progress on that front?

Yes: slowly but steadily. The Dish requires three people working unhealthy hours just to keep the blog humming, so finding chunks of time to tackle offline projects is tricky. The late-term abortion testimonials have been compiled and edited, and the Cannabis Closet - a much larger, more comprehensive collection (including scores of emails never posted) - is nearly complete. The Dish is getting some long-awaited help very soon, which will allow the book projects to take off in a hurry.

I wish I could be more specific, but just wanted to remind everyone that we are still very much committed to the endeavor. Thanks to our reader and others for their enthusiasm and patience.