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Today on the Dish we welcomed our two guest-bloggers for the week: David Frum and Dave Weigel.

Weigel honored Nate Henn, the American who died in the World Cup bombing (and who happened to grow up with Weigel in Delaware). He also filed a dispatch from Anchorage, featured a new profile on John McCain, undermined a right-wing myth about the New Black Panthers and Obama's DOJ, gave a platform to a conservative critic of the GOP's fiscal record, and dug up a bit of trivia about a popular Weekly Standard cover.

Frum highlighted the dire financial markets, talked inflation and deflation, noted welfare reform in Australia, showed how Obama is ignoring a Supreme Court uproar in his hometown, bristled at the president for bringing up his middle name to explain Israeli mistrust, invoked his grandfather in a post on Christian Zionism, summed up the controversy between a FrumForum blogger and NewsRealBlog, pointed out the success of aggregators, and took a jab at the publishing industry.

In Palin news, her path to the nomination got much clearer (though she floundered on "The Factor" for the second time). San Francisco tried to ban the sale of pets. DOMA update here. Mariah Blake's expose on the medical supply industry is a must see.

In assorted commentary, Dayo Olopade celebrated the progress Africa displayed this World Cup, Nate Silver slammed the Pentagon for surveying servicemembers on gaydar, William Galston was gloomy about the Dems prospects this fall, Bernstein assessed Palin's chances in '12, and Larison compared her to Giuliani. Beinart thought Obama was no FDR, TNC tackled the fear felt by cops, Joe Keohane explained how our biases shape the facts we receive, Felix Salmon defended minimum wage laws, and Patrick circled back to one of his pet topics, the kidney trade. A comprehensive update on Social Security reform here. Recession view here. A great case of journalism here.

Creepy ad here. A quick laugh here and a longer one here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.

-- C.B.

(Video profile of Nate Henn here. Above is his last published tweet.)