The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, the NAACP leveled the racism charge at the Tea Party, tea-partiers punted on the DOMA ruling, Jesse Jackson played the slavery card over LeBron, and Susanna Ferreira warned us about anticipated violence after the Cup. In Palin coverage, Dave Weigel went after Andrew's take on Trig, Michelle Cottle marveled at her media strategy, Tim Mak downplayed her PAC haul, and readers doubted her ability to maintain a campaign staff.

Weigel, blogging from a remote island in Alaska, covered the NAACP uproar, clarified the record on the New Black Panther case, showed how the GOP is getting aggressive for Byrd's supposedly safe seat, and wished Rand Paul wasn't so boring now. David Frum, our other guest, dwelled on the state of libertarianism, addressed the prisoner problem in America, drew a deeper lesson from the NewsRealBlog row, praised a new pro-Israeli group, noted Limbaugh's new digs, and suggested a website (as did Weigel).

In other coverage, Greenwald dug up more examples of people praising Fadlallah, Andrew Napolitano called for the indictment of Cheney and Bush, and Nick Kristof confessed to constructing a "Western savior" narrative. Pot-blogging here. A reader joined Andrew Sprung in tackling Social Security reform and another sympathized with cops. Ryan Avent undercut the mythologizing of manufacturing, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman claimed the decline of creativity, Dan Ariely explained behavioral economic, Wilkinson shouted a libertarian solution to healthcare, and Patrick talked rhetoric. Some final installments on the monogamy thread here and here.

Cool ad here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. A particularly fun window contest here.

-- C.B.