The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Bristol and Levi got engaged - again. A reader summed up reaction in the inbox, Pareene bemoaned the MSM's role, and Jesse Griffin reported a damning detail on Levi. In other news, a Tea Party spokesman fueled the NAACP's fire, Dan Choi got off the hook, John Cloud relayed research on cougars, and Pew showed how the blogosphere lives off traditional media. DOMA coverage here and especially here. Cannabis coverage here and especially here.

Weigel responded to reader objections over Trig, destroyed Megyn Kelly for fomenting racial discord, went after Beck for the same, analyzed the defeat of two Tea Party darlings, dissed Democrats for their economic politics, spotlighted a particularly unjust obscenity case, and filed another colorful dispatch from Unalaska.

Frum artfully pwned Mark Levin, recommended a payroll tax holiday for a whole year, honored Bastille Day, and chuckled at the Levi-Bristol announcement.

In other Palin coverage, Michael Kazin frowned at Cottle's admiration of her PR and Drum dreaded the spread of it. Plumer and Fallows compared BP to other oil giants, Balko defended the cop accused of murdering Oscar Grant, Jonathan Cohn touted Mariah Blake's piece on medical supplies, and Bill Peckham criticized the kidney trade. Dan Savage scolded a Dish reader and advised on open relationships while Patrick injected disease into the monogamy debate.

Readers joined the discussion on eating habits, another corrected Wilkinson on Singapore's healthcare system, and another sounded off on markets. Goddard launched a political dictionary. Badger-blogging here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.

-- C.B.