The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Cameron had stern words for Israel, Bagehot found him tone deaf, Larison joined the debate over the country's usefulness for the US, and Roger Cohen reminded us about the American who was killed on the flotilla. Optimistic Iran update here. And things looked up for Obama.

More Wikileaks coverage here, here, and here. Gingrich got scarier. Christianism alert here. Elizabeth Warren commentary here and here. Andrew called out the neocons over a Palestinian state, took a hard look at the US budget crisis, and qualified his criticism of Journo-list. Mickey Kaus got in a good punch against the list-serv and Jonathan Strong gave due credit to Ezra.

In Palin coverage, Mudflats searched for her accomplishments for Alaska since leaving office, Nyhan compared her favorables to Clinton's, and a reader noted her self-promotion over Track's service. Her endorsement of a New Hampshire Grizzly backfired and she hit the campaign trail with Christ. Trig clarification here.

In assorted commentary, Leonhardt engaged Douthat over energy innovation, Bernstein eulogized cap and trade, Ryan Avent and Greg Mankiw were skeptical about the stimulus, and Chait loved to hate on the Weekly Standard. Readers continued to chat about affirmative action, another shared her recession view, and another dissented over characterizing soldiers sent to war.

Joe the Plumber sighting here, browser porn here, and another dose of slow lighting here. A special MHB here, a timeless VFYW here, and a surreal FOTD here. This week's window contest was another good one.

-- C.B.