The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew followed up on his neoconservative pitch for Palestine, went toe-to-toe with Frum over Turkey, dropped his jaw at Bush's profligacy abroad, sounded off on energy reform, added to a discussion on government inertia, and defended his provocative record. A new paper appeared to prove that the administration prevented a depression. Oil spill update here.

More coverage of the crusade against mosques here, here, and here. Neocon spluttering over Turkey here and here. Yglesias awards here and Hewitt here. Ambinder wasn't convinced of Palin's impact in New Hampshire and Democrats prayed for her nomination (a related post here). Chuck Todd blasted Journo-list and Reihan clarified his take. O'Reilly appeared more pro-gay than Obama. Wyclef Jean contemplated a presidential run. California cannabis update here.

Readers gushed over Doctor Who, others carried on the conversation over affirmative action, and another gave advice to the unemployed. Email of the day here and runner-up here.

Andrew outed the Vatican and took the gay-pope bait. Christianism alert here and Christian hathos here. Colbert bait here, Stewart goatee here, and beardicide here. Foodie porn here and a nod to Futurama here.  MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. A great follow up to the window contest here.

-- C.B. (30,000 feet above Kansas)