The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Congress encouraged war against Iran, the GOP continued to flail on fiscal issues, Cameron took on Pakistan, a reader explained the real reason behind his support for Turkey, and the Israeli army knocked down a Bedouin village. The oil spill didn't appear as bad as once thought.

Andrew sized up the midterm elections and tore into a WSJ op-ed on the fiscal crisis. Ambinder looked to November, Friedersdorf fingered the practical perils of partisanship, Josh Green backed Elizabeth Warren, Michael Singh cheered up Green Movement supporters, and Exum had some final thoughts on Wikileaks' latest.

Basil Marceaux campaign coverage here and here. Malkin award here. NOM watch here and here. "Death panels" had legs. Palin didn't appear to have them in New Hampshire. A Trig link here.

Remaining mosque talk here and here. Another big installment of the energy innovation debate here. More on the affirmative action debate here and here. Andrew Hacker tackled tenure, Nate Silver pwned Mark Penn, and Balko finished off his debate on gambling.

The Dish eulogized cartoonist John Callahan. Circumcision comic superhero here. More Who-mania here and here. Startling celebrity sex quote here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.

-- C.B.