Surge Fail Update

The Qaeda-Awakening civil war intensifies, prodding the Awakening leaders to blame the Shiite "government", still paralyzed by sectarian discord:

Many Awakening leaders blame the Iraqi security forces for not protecting them from revenge killings by militants loyal to Al Qaeda in Iraq, the main insurgent group, or say the security forces themselves have been infiltrated by members still loyal to the insurgency... Sheik Ahmed Abu Risha, an Awakening leader in Anbar, said, “We are going to send our forces to protect all the Awakening headquarters in Anbar because the government is not able to provide security for them.”

At the same time, Awakening members have become increasingly resentful, voicing frustration over the waning influence of the Americans, their onetime benefactors, and with the Iraqi government, which members say has not lived up to its promise of providing jobs to the fighters.