Something Is Happening In Palinland, Ctd

A reader writes:

It's really not difficult to see what's going on here.  Custody battles are nasty.  They can drag on for years and cost thousands.  Levi is probably no angel.  It's obviously not difficult to make a few bad choices in Wasilla.  Throw in the Playgirl spread and 'partying' in Hollywood or's red meat for the high priced team of lawyers I'm sure Palin hired for Bristol.

Short version: shut your mouth, we own you and your dirt on us ... or you will never see your son again.  It's just how a highly contentious custody battle works.

It's totally unfair to say Levi caved and expect him to dish his dirt given this proverbial gun to his head.

And Tripp is the second innocent child that Palin has used as a weapon.