Red Families, Blue Families, Gay Families, Ctd

Dreher, who is opposed to marriage equality, praises Rauch's article on the social forces fighting for and against same-sex marriage:

Gay marriage is the final act of the Sexual Revolution, the thing that institutionalizes it. If you think the Sexual Revolution (which Rauch cannily defines as global information culture + birth control) was on balance a good thing, you're happy with this; if not, not. What's so insightful about Rauch's analysis -- and he's quite clear which side he's on -- is that he explains why conservative first principles on the meaning of family in society lead logically to opposing gay marriage. I have never read a more clear, cogent, fair-minded explanation of why social conservatives oppose gay marriage.

It's the same reason they oppose modernity as a whole. Which means they are not social conservatives. They are religious reactionaries.