Rasmussen Watch

The Republican polling outfit did one of its usual numbers today, putting out the astonishing notion that 60 percent of Americans want health insurance reform repealed, and half want that strongly. It was picked up by the usual suspects - Ace of Spades, The Weekly Standard, Powerline, etc. But here's the poll of polls on health insurance reform, even including Rasmussen (which I routinely omit):

Rasmussen, I should add, hasn't been polling this question since March. But they did manage to churn out a 'poll' designed to confirm the passions of the GOP base and the GOP media. They found a sample that turned a 43 percent disapproval into a 60 percent support for repeal. And the direction of the polling is clear: opposition to the reform has fallen from around 54 percent in January to 43 percent at the end of June.