Purging A Racist

Chris Good profiles the first casualty of the NAACP resolution:

[Mark] Williams has lent controversy to the Tea Party movement for some time now, and it's not all that hard to find Tea Party organizers who will tell you that he is a racist and a bigot and that he's giving the movement a bad name. In fact, he's already on his way out as chairman, or so he told me: the controversy, the schedule, and his own pursuits have let him to set the wheels in motion for him to step aside from his "chairman" role (which entails speaking on stage as an emcee, some light consulting, and media appearances) into that of a lesser consultant or affiliate.

Williams is a talk radio host (though not on the air at present) based in Sacramento, and he has said many controversial things since and before the Tea Party movement began. I profiled his fraught relationship with the movement, and Tea Party Express's sudden ascent, earlier this year; see that story if you want to know some of the history.

TNC lauds the civil rights group and laughs Williams off the stage.