Every year, some readers ask me what I recommend if you're coming to the end of Cape Cod. I'm conservative so stick with what I know, and there may be new joints worth exploring that I haven't found yet. But here goes.

Entertainment: Dina Martina is in a class of her own, in my opinion: total, dark, hilarious performance art. I'm going for the third time tonight. Slap And Tickle is a new play at the Provincetown Theater (tix here). Aaron is in it so discount this as bias if you want. But it's rare to see such a candid, and funny take on gay men's pathologies and vulnerabilities. The play is too dark, I think, for today's gay world and needs a less trivial title, but it is not Kushner-style propaganda or gay drama dreck. And some of the performances stay with you. Great reviews. One act: just an hour and twenty minutes.

Food: Devons, Edwige, Victors, Sake, Cafe Heaven for sit-down; Frappo66 for amazing fast but gourmet food, served cafeteria style.

Coffee: Wired Puppy.

Bakery: Relish.

Deli: Far Land and Angel Foods.

Weekly mass: Showgirls at the Crown and Anchor.

Browsing: Tim's Used Books

Clothes/Tchotchkes: Rogue's Gallery, All American Boy, Wa, Pulp, Southstream Design, and, of course, the legendary Marine Specialties.