Poor Sarah Palin Couldn't Cope With The "Press"

Now she tells us she simply couldn't handle the pressure of being asked, you know, basic questions like what she reads (nothing), what she knew (next to nothing), and why none of her substantive political claims (Bridge To Nowhere My Ass) passed muster. She is telling us that she resigned from the governorship because the mama grizzly.barracuda couldn't handle the heat in the political kitchen. Altogether now: awww. Can you imagine a Thatcher or Meir or Merkel quitting because the press was too mean? Please. And if she becomes president or even nominee, she will presumably refuse to engage what's left of the media at all. Why should she? They ask questions she doesn't want to or cannot answer. Then this:

Regarding a television interview with Katie Couric widely seen at the time as a turning point in the public’s perception of Palin, which critics argued illustrated Palin’s inexperience, Palin said the interview was selectively edited.

“It didn’t help, either, that the hours and hours of interviews with the likes of Katie Couric resulted in a few minutes here and there of selected snippets of my annoyed answers. (I naively had not believed at the time of some of the badgering questions [for example, questioning my pro-life position] that the editing process would fulfill their biased purpose),” Palin said.

So here's my request: both the full NBC CBS Couric interview and the full ABC Gibson interview should be placed on the web - without any editing at all - so we can judge this latest lie on its merits. My sense from media sources is that the interviews were selectively edited - to avoid making Palin look like a total fool. But I don't know. Transparency please. Release the full tapes. Let's all have a good long laugh at this farce being propped up by cynics and cowards and fanatics.