Politics As Total War, Ctd

I should add that this is not always on one side of the political equation. This story - about a gay journalist infiltrating a private therapy group in order to out and expose a conflicted minister - is just as disgusting a violation and should not have been published, in my view. Why? Because if a twelve-step group's confidentiality is violated, then all bets are off. No hypocrisy was involved. But if the paper also offered a reward for others to infiltrate such counseling sessions in order to persecute gay ministers, it would be at the Breitbart level. The rest I leave to Rod:

If this had been an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and a reporter had gone there with the agenda of outing a pastor who preached teetotaling, but who privately struggled to stay sober, wouldn't you be appalled -- not at the pastor, but at the reporter? The idea that the Cause, whatever the Cause, justifies destroying the basic rules of civilized life, and with it a man's character, is barbarism.