Perez Hilton, Conservative?

by Patrick Appel

Mary Elizabeth Williams compares the celeb-blogger to James Dobson:

Like an overly evangelical politician or priest (Hilton, interestingly, is an alum of the Belen Jesuit School), he spends his time obsessing on the sins of others -- but without the mannerly restraint those other guardians of our good behavior are obliged to show. He's closer in spirit to those abortion clinic protesters brandishing posters of fetuses, preferring to stomp around and wave his vivid shows of outrage in our faces. Look at this! Isn't it DISGUSTING? Here, let me get another eyeful. Still HORRIBLE!

This is too-cute-by-half. Hilton – whom I can't stand – may sound like an evangelical pol but he's titillated by debauchery and rather than trying to stamp it out. Williams's argument would benefit from examining how celebrity scolds differ from social conservatives.

(Hat tip: Eleanor Barkhorn)