Palin vs Actual Mama Grizzlies


A reader writes:

No one I know of has yet really pointed out how ridiculous Palin's whole "Mama Grizzlies" spiel is. When she became governor, one of her first acts was to submit a piece of legislation titled the "Active Management - Airborne Shooting" bill. Ostensibly authored by Palin with her name on it, the bill sought to legalize for the first time in our state's history the airborne shooting of bears as part of her predator control advocacy. You can read more about it here.

Beyond that, Palin completely politicized our Alaska Department of Fish and Game by creating a leadership position for family friend Corey Rossi, who is now the Director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation. Rossi was a strong advocate and proponent of bear snaring.

After Palin appointed him, he got a new regulation passed that allowed for the first time in our state's history the snaring of black bears west of Anchorage, even though it was well known that grizzly bears (including sows with cubs, or cubs) would be caught. And sure enough, ten percent of the bears caught last summer in snares were grizzly bears.

Palin's continued use of this Mama Grizzly theme is ironic and hypocritical because she more than anyone has seen to it that grizzly bears, including mama grizzlies and their offspring, will be killed in Alaska. In fact, Rossi is now working to push a new state law this fall that would allow for the public snaring of both black and grizzly bears in the Alaska interior, outside any formal predator control plan. Palin fully supports this.

She's a phony on almost everything.