Over and out

by Dave Weigel

I'm signing off now and heading back into scenes like the one you see above you. It's been a fun week, and I want to thank Andrew for letting me into his habitat again. I also want to thank David Frum for joining me, and Patrick Appel and Chris Bodenner from ascending from the underblogverse to keep everything humming. That included churning out their own posts, keeping me alerted to commentary on what I'd written, and helping me put things online in those frequent moments when Haystack let Unalaska wireless customers down. (I did learn from former mayor Frank Kelty today that there's discussion of running fiberoptic cables over to the island from Kodiak, which would be nice, although it hadn't happened as of 3:06 p.m. local time.)

What did we learn this week? I don't know, but we asked plenty of questions. Will 2012 coverage be as silly as 2008 coverage, and if so, what does that mean for the Snow Empress of the Mama Grizzlies? How is Politico like a liberal blog? When did we elect President Jim Bunning? Isn't it time to stop obsessing over Trig? And isn't it time for Megyn Kelly to close down the minstrel show? Think it all over and I'll see you around.