Obama, Willing To Compromise

Allahpundit notices:

[Obama] once told “Meet the Press” (again, back in 2007) that while raising the retirement age is “not the best option,” he’d listen to all arguments in the interest of restoring long-term solvency to the program. Why the left thinks he wouldn’t be willing to deal with a Republican Congress on that point is beyond me; as he’s shown repeatedly, first and foremost during ObamaCare, he’s happy to compromise on progressive sacred cows like the public option in order to get something passed. There’s already talk from unlikely quarters about investing a chunk of the Social Security trust fund in the stock market. Why would the retirement age be off limits if that isn’t?

I think this will be the dynamic of the second two years - calling the Republican bluff on spending, debt and entitlements. I cannot wait. In that sense, a GOP takeover in one chamber would end the current Republican game of nihilism. They'd have responsibility - and might be forced by Obama, yes, Obama, to walk the walk of their own alleged fiscal conservatism - something they haven't done in a decade and a half.

Then watch Obama's ratings with Independents ...