Look Who's Talking "Massive Resistance" Now

by David Frum

John Vecchione on Democrats who defy Supreme Court decisions:

Comes news from the Windy City that in response to the resounding victory for Second Amendment Rights in McDonald v. Chicago the Mayor and City Counsel have turned to the city’s problems in a manner designed to protect constitutional liberties.  Just kidding.  They have instituted a scheme of “massive resistance.”

Mayor Daley has said he will not “roll over” to the Supreme Court.  Now, I’m as much for not treating Supreme Court pronouncements as gospel as the next guy (presuming he has an “Impeach Warren” bumper sticker down in the basement), but this is really a scandal.    This is not a made-up right we have come to expect from the Court. Yet Chicago, the President’s home town, has in four days set out to resist, resist, resist the clear import of the Court’s decision.  President Obama has said nothing.