Kristol Drinks The Tea

by Patrick Appel

Friedersdorf notes Bill Kristol's peace-offering to the tea parties:

It is darkly amusing that he opens his strangely hollow outreach to the Tea Party movement with a quotation from Alexander Hamilton, the Founding Father its typical adherent would most abhor.

Inside the Tea Party movement, there is much annoyance -- some of it justified -- about the treatment received at the hands of media elites. I submit that Mr. Kristol's latest is as striking an example you'll find of treating Tea Partiers as if they're naive idiots. Our leading, unrepentant advocate for "national greatness conservatism" is doing his best to co-opt a fundamentally small government movement that has had enough of "bold efforts" by federal legislators, and he's so confident that criticizing President Obama is sufficient to forge this alliance that he trots out as prelude the most brazen principled advocate for a powerful, far-reaching, supreme federal government in American history. 

Poulos pushes back.