Illustrating Discrimination


by Chris Bodenner

Xeni Jardin digs up an Army comic book from 2001 instructing soldiers on DADT.  Ackerman narrates:

“Dignity and Respect” opens with the saga of Private First Class Howard. He has the misfortune of being observed in a homosexual act by two of his fellow soldiers. That triggers a tiptoe through a thicket of regulations and bureacrat-speak. Like: “What is a ‘reliable person?’” Eventually, Howard is given the boot.

Then comes the tale of Sergeant Williams. He considers himself a “good soldier,” and wants to stay in the Army. But he has the temerity to tell his superior officers that he may be homosexual. Imagine that! Gays who serve their country actually wanting to serve their country.

“You’re certain about [his] sincerity?” Williams’ first sergeant asks his commander. “I think so,” she answers. Then she recommends Williams for a discharge.

The illustrations are just begging for an Internet remix.