Guest-blogging again, for the first time

by Dave Weigel

I'm Dave Weigel and a few weeks ago I would have written a different -- longer, probably -- introduction to my guest posts. But I have a happy history with this blog. Back in the summer of 2006 Andrew graciously asked me to help guest blog for him while he took  a week off. This was, to my surprise, a news story. (For some reason people like to write articles about bloggers. It seems rather silly to me. Why not just tweet?)

At the time, I was an assistant editor of Reason magazine. Over the next four years I wrote for a bunch of magazines, joined the Washington Independent as a reporter on what we grandly called "the remaking of the right," joined the Washington Post to cover the same thing, and left the Post after someone maliciously leaked excerpts from e-mails I'd sent to the JournoList e-mail group. As an effort to educate me on how to better handle and cover my subjects, it was a success; as an efforts to boot me out of journalism, it was less successful. So I'll be blogging here all week alongside your other pinch-hitters. Housekeeping note: I am spending the week in Alaska, so in terms of when posts go up I may be behind the East and West coat elitists who make up the demand side of the blogosphere.

No, I am not looking for real estate in Wasilla. Be serious.