Douthat: Pro-Gay Is Pro-Family?

I'm stretching things a bit, I know, but it's interesting to see Ross praise what he calls David Cameron's "pro-family" impulses - especially by supporting married couples in the tax code, something I also support. The Lib-Dems have largely quashed this for now. But Cameron's pro-family agenda specifically and emphatically included gay couples. In fact, his entire argument was that we should not distinguish between gay and straight, but focus on core values - like commitment and responsibility. This is the argument I've been making for twenty years - and is directly opposed to the Republican Christianism which seeks to support family life by discriminating against and, in some states, seeking to recriminalize gay relationships.

So does Ross back, like David Brooks, Cameron's approach? Or the position of Robbie George, Maggie Gallagher, et al? Or is his evasion of this to continue?