Doth Protest Not Enough?

A reader writes:

One point that keeps getting raised by people who believe Sarah is Trig's mother is that she's not responding because she enjoys using it as another reason to paint herself as a victim.  I think that's possible, but I have serious doubts, mainly because, as far as I can tell, Palin doesn't manifest any particular eagerness to talk about the Trig theory. 

I checked out Going Rogue from the library yesterday and was surprised to find that she only devotes one paragraph - a brief one - to the Trig theory, and quickly dismisses it as too ridiculous to respond to.  Compare that to her reaction to that joke from David Letterman, which she seized upon with unseemly eagerness to spark a public fight that she was obviously trying to convert into positive publicity.  Or the media firestorm she fueled with Rahm's "retarded" remark.  Or the Family Guy nonsense.

When Sarah Palin perceives herself as being unfairly attacked, she has a history of eagerness to jump into the fray.  But as far as I can remember from her public comments on the Trig controversy, she actually has not seized upon it as an example of how unfairly she's treated - she's just dismissed it as a topic beneath contempt, and then moved on as quickly as possible to something else.