Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

I find it interesting that you and Hitchens talk about Mel Gibson in psychodynamic terms - as though either of you are qualified to evaluate his rantings from a clinical perspective.  In his more lucid moments, Gibson has admitted to being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

This doesn't excuse his behavior, but it certainly explains it a lot better than most commentary on the subject so far.  His behavior - certainly his rage - is actually rather common in the manic phase of unmedicated (or self-medicated) bipolar disorder.  How he medicates himself for this illness is something he hasn't really discussed, but it's clear that he is mentally ill - not just an oddball or a fascist (obviously, these are not mutually-exclusive categories - I'm just saying there is far more to the Gibson outbursts than you or others seem willing to speak about).

I lived with someone with Bipolar disorder for twenty years. I do not believe that the fascistic pornography and attack on the Gospels in "The Passion" has anything to do with bipolar disorder, nor do I believe it is relevant or exculpatory when someone has admitted to physically attacking a woman. He needs police intervention to protect the lives of others around him.