Creepy Ad Watch


A Mudflats reader writes:

I keep thinking about her son in 15 years or in 20 years. If he looks at this ad campaign or searches magazines and newspaper articles/blogs for his family’s bizarre behavior and commentary about his birthit just makes me sad to think how he will feel. Its just so twisted.

But to comment specifically on the imagery. I’m a cultural historian (meaning, I used alot of art and objects during my studies and work) and the image of Bristol with the baby on her lap is very “Madonna and Child.” I find it pretty creepy that on the one hand she’s calling herself a statistic (which is ridiculous considering how completely different her life is from the other 749,000 young girls out there) and on the other she’s being presented in an iconographic pose. There is just so much here that is screwed up, contradictory and sad … ugh.

In other words: ruthlessly exploit the babies for money, fame, and power. That's what mama grizzlies do.