Could Breitbart Be Prosecuted?

I don't think he should. But Breitbart says he never saw the full video, never edited it, and disseminated the two minutes anyway. Isn't that called reckless indifference to the truth? An apology would be in order, but the far right cannot apologize for anything because they are never wrong about anything.

But what's truly school-yard about this is Breitbart's nyah-nyah rationale for the whole thing:

The Sherrod video is, he said, "way more evidence of racism than anything that the mainstream media and TPM and all of the rest of you Spencer Ackerman friends provided to prove that the tea party was racist."

This is racial tit-for-tat on an instant news cycle that chews up and spits out decent people's lives. Reinstate Sherrod and Nasr. Take these slandering bullies on. Breitbart is a walking example of the culture war gone toxic.