A Media Purge Bleg

Glenn Greenwald compiles a long list of journalists fired because they violated neoconservative orthodoxy. Even if you think these purges are a good thing (which I don't), one might suspect that the p.c. police would occasionally work both ways, especially given how liberal the MSM allegedly is. Greenwald asks:

Does anyone ever suffer career-impeding injuries of this type -- the way Nasr and Thomas also just have -- for expressing anti-Muslim or anti-Arab views? 

I can't think of any off the top of my head. Maybe you can. What I do know is that if you tweet that Supreme Court Justice David Souter is a "goat-fucking child molester" or that "Linda Douglass really is the Joseph Goebbels of the White House Health Care shop," you don't get fired by CNN. You get hired. But if you express qualified support for some of the positions of a cleric whose funeral Nouri al-Maliki just attended, you have no future in American journalism - even after twenty years of non-controversial work at CNN.

Our discourse is being chilled by those who are supposed to protect it.