Why Does Trig Matter, Ctd?

The story is getting slightly more legs here and here. I like this reader comment:

Why every mother in America didn't burst into spontaneous, incredulous laughter when she first trotted out her BS tale is beyond me.

And this:

I have given birth 3 times, all home deliveries with no anesthesia and only a midwife for the 3rd since I figured my good luck might run out.  When you are within hours of giving birth, you do not -- you CANNOT -- sit with legs crossed in an airport reading a book, or board a flight and buckle up, or sit in an airplane seat for 10 hours followed by a drive in the middle of the night. 

The wild ride has been total BS from the beginning and with each of Sarah's retelling, it just becomes more ridiculous that anyone would believe it. 

Did Oprah actually read Palin's account in Going Rogue? Seriously? I mean: it's surreal.