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Who Needs Agents When You've Got YouTube?

Kim Yeo-hee, the 22-year-old YouTube sensation known as “applegirl002,” makes it big:

Music producers from China and England raced with those from South Korea to sign her up. She chose a Seoul-based producer, Dreamhigh-Ent, in April, and started recording her own songs. Now production is under way on her first album and professionally made videos. “Hajima (Don’t Fall in Love)” is slated for release later this month.

Becoming a singer has been her dream since seven years old and she started writing songs in her high school, Ms. Kim said. She studied music at a small college in Wanju, a city in southwestern South Korea, but said she didn’t expect iPhone videos to change her life. “I wanted to show people I can do playing and singing at the same time,” she said. “These days you should sell yourself.

The rest of her YouTube collection is here. South Park's pwnage of talent agents here.