Who Is Sharron Angle?

She worries Chait:

Angle did not quite advocate armed rebellion, but she did clearly egg it on it in a way that melds prediction with encouragement...The alarming thing is not so much what Angle said but how relatively little a ripple it has made. It's just one more gaffe, something that has not prevented her from being embraced by Senate Republicans. It is not even considered sufficiently outrageous to force her to disavow the clear implication of what she said. It really seems like a dangerous milestone is the darkening mood of the American right.

Yglesias examines Angle's ties to Scientology. National Review's encomium is here. She's got the Palin schtick down:

“At that point, I realized that the government had interfered with my family. It was kind of like a mother bear and her cubs: Don’t get between me and my cubs, or you’ve got trouble.”