Von Hoffman Award Nominee, Ctd

A reader writes:

Thank you for referencing the my favorite movie trilogy.  But Zemeckis was not necessarily "way off."  The reason that Marty McFly looks like shit at 47 is because he got in that car accident when he was a teenager, which ruined his career as a guitarist, crushed his hopes and dreams, and led him down a depressing life in Hill Valley that caused both his physical appearance and soul to deteriorate rapidly.  Michael J. Fox, on the other hand, became a television and film star at an early age and remained one through his forties.  This led to him living a dream life with his smokin' hot wife, millions of dollars, and a job that he loves.  The Parkinson's thing was a bit of a road block, but his early success gave him a beautiful outlook on life and allowed him to attempt to turn the Parkinson's into a positive.  Hence he's looking pretty good at 49. 

But yeah, Zemeckis was way off with the flying cars, power laces, and hoverboards.

French artist Nils Guadagnin is working on the latter.