Use The EPA, Ctd

Responding to Chait, Plumer wants legislation to tackle climate change:

In the long term ... we'd really need a price on carbon to transform the country's energy sector and give people incentive to develop new clean-energy technologieshaving the EPA just flatly tell polluters that they have to adopt this or that specific pollution-cutting gizmo isn't very good for innovation.

He also weighs the pros and cons of a utility-only energy bill. As do Dave Roberts and Michael Levi. The question here surely is whether using the EPA now is a form of emergency measure to preserve the option of a carbon bill or tax later. If you assume that climate change is already well in motion and that inaction could lead to unpredictable feedback loops, then time is the essence thereof. But I much prefer legislation and a full public debate to try to get Americans to put long-term interests above present gratification. Fat chance, I know, when it comes to the sacred brown substance now despoiling America's sea shore.