Update From Uganda

A reader in the country writes:

Today is National Martyr's Day, a national holiday that honors 40+ Ugandan Christians who were brutally murdered by a Ugandan king 100 years ago or so. While in a shop, I heard a news broadcast about a government official's speech (I think it was the president, but I'm not sure) which took an unfortunate interpretation of the holiday, calling on Ugandans to recognize the martyrs and to refrain from sin and homosexuality. He then claimed that there had been homosexuality in the King's court, suggesting that it was the instigating cause.

GayUganda elaborates:

[O]ne of the kings of Buganda was so incensed at some of his pages refusing him sex that he went ahead and killed them. Some former lovers by his own hand. Funny thing is that, that inconvenient fact had been forgotten when history was being dressed up. It would have been too easy to show that homosexuality in Uganda predated the Christian religion....! Thanks to the raging anti-gay fires, this has been forced to the fore.

Meanwhile, the Family Research Council is found to have lobbied members of Congress to vote against a resolution denouncing the "kill the gays" bill. The resolution passed the Senate, but not yet the House.