Theocon Watch, Ctd

A reader writes:

In today's Theocon Watch post, you missed that Pakaluk stated the following:

"I saw this beginning to happen in my son’s school: not wishing to offend, teacher and parents would refer to the two men as the “parents” of that boy, even though only one was the father."

By this logic, the Church should not be calling any people who adopt children parents.

Another writes:

I just realized that Professor Pakuluk’s article seems to rest on the presumption that his ideas will lose if challenged.  Pakuluk’s concern seems to be that if his children or the children of any other catholic parents in a catholic school encounter a homosexual couple, they will decide that the Church is wrong.  Pakuluk never even seems to consider that his children might determine that the Church was right, much less that the children of the gay parents or the gay parents themselves could be won over to the Church’s position.  Instead, Pakuluk takes it as a given that his children’s acceptance of Church doctrine will crumble when faced with reality.

Great point. The kind of fundamentalism exemplified by the current Pope is indeed based not on confident faith, but on neurotic fear.